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DualShield provide strong authentication to any PAM enabled Linux and Unix applications.

Many Linux & Unix operating systems and applications support Pluggable Authentication Module(PAM). PAM is a flexible way for software developers to add authentication to their applications without the need to provide the actual authentication method, and is configurable to support many different authentication methods including RADIUS.

DualShield provide strong authentication to any PAM enabled Linux and Unix applications.

DualShield unified authentication system provides a built-in, RFC 2865 compliant RADIUS server, which means that any application that is PAM enabled can use DualShield Radius server as its authentication server.

Many Linux and Unix applications are PAM enabled, including:-

    KDE and GNOME are two popular graphical desktops for Linux systems that provide a user experience similar to Windows or Mac.
  • SSH
    SSH (Secure Shell) is a network protocol that allows data to be exchanged between two computers using a secure encrypted channel.
  • Telnet
    This is an application that provides bi-directional, interactive communications and is similar to command line functionality.
  • FTP
    File Transfer Protocol represents the functionality that enables users to upload files (text, multi-media, images, data etc.) from their computer to a server and vice versa – to download files from a particular server to their own machines.
    These are different email server protocols that control the flow of email. If enabled for PAM RADIUS authentication, users will be prompted to enter a One-time password each time they log into their mail server.
  • Apache
    Apache is the most used web server on the Internet.
  • VMware ESX Server
    VMware ESX Server uses Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM) allowing user authentication in the remote console and the VMware Management Interface to be protected by DualShield Radius.
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